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Recapitulation Marine Incident February 28 until March 6, 2015
Strengthen Marine Security Coordination ,Bakamla RI held Forkor in Lombok
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Following up on Presidential Decree 178 of 2014 about Bakamla RI as a derivative of Law No. 32 of 2014 Article 59 Paragraph ( 3 ) ,
states that Bakorkamla officially revitalized to be Bakamla RI. This is one of the underlying implementation of the Coordination Forum ( Forkor ) Kamla Strategy in Lombok , West Nusa Tenggara , on Tuesday ( 08/02/2016 )

Forkor Kamla strategy adopted the theme of Strengthening Coordination and Management of Maritime Security Cooperation between
Central Government and Regional to formulate Security Strategy of Marine to be Comprehensive and Sustainable. In this event also invited NTB Police Chief Brig . Drs. Saptono Umar , SH , M.H. as a resource , Head of Kesbangpol Prov. NTB Drs . Then Syafei , M.M. as a moderator , the ranks of local government Prov. NTB and representatives of the Stakeholder Bakamla RI as Polair , Intelligence Agency Regions , Customs and Excise , the Navy , the National Narcotics Agency Province ( BNNP ) NTB , Basarnas , the Office of Management Unit Port ( KUPP ) , Department of Marine and Fisheries ( DKP ) , the Attorney General and DGI as participants.

Deputy Policy and Strategy Inspector Drs. Satria F. Maseo, S.H., M.H. red a letter from Chief of Bakamla RI which wrote about goal of this event
is to create integration of command and control of security operations and marine safety in one motion commands which is effective , efficient and comprehensive in setting implementation of security patrols and marine safety . " So between government and community have same of idea, attitude and action,In result it can create safety of maritime", he said.

One of the goal in this event is as a communication and coordination between agencies,local government and related agencies, in order to searching or finding the best steps to minimalize obstacles or barriers in the security and safety of the sea.Beside these activities, this event use as inputs formulation of national policies and strategies in the field of maritime security. "In the end of the great achievement that we all want is the creation of ocean conditions that are safe and free from threats and harassment in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI)" said Deputy Jakstra Bakamla RI.

This event also attended by Director Policy of Bakamla RI Sucipto, SH, M.H. as a resource, Chief Prosecution of Bakamla RI Brig. Drs. Arifin, M.H. a resource and Director of Kamla Strategy Col Drs. Edi Fernandi as a chairman of the committee activities.