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Chief of Bakamla accepted Singapore MSTF visits
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In a comparative study of government agencies which is concentrated in areas of maritime, Maritime Security Task Force (MSTF) Singapore did working visit to Bakamla RI. This was welcomed by Chief of Bakamla Rear Admiral Ari Soedewo, S.E., M.H and his staff in Bakamla RI headquarters, Jl. Dr. Sutomo No. 11 Central Jakarta, Monday (01/08/2016).

A task force which is under The Singapore Armed Forces have expressed their purpose to visited Bakamla is to know more detail about Bakamla RI and make Bakamla as benchmark for development of MSTF Singapore.
Singapore delegation that led by Commander MSTF Singapore Col.Alan Goh and his staff Lt. Col. George Goh, Lt. Col. Nicholas Lim, Maj. Adrian Eng, and Capt. Tan Xin Hui, did a first visit to Bakamla RI. In this meeting, Chief of Bakamla accompanied by First Secretary of Bakamla RI, who also serves as Deputy Information, Law and Cooperation Eko Susilo Hadi, SH, M.H., Deputy Operations and Exercises First Admiral TNI Andi Achdar, Head of Facilities and Infrastructure First Admiral TNI Ir. Suroyo, Head of Planning Nofel Hasan, S.E., M.M., Cooperation Director Sandi, SH, M.H., Director of Marine Operations Col. Eko Rahmat, Director of Research and Development Brig. Dr. Drs. Abdul Gofur, SH, M.H. and Head of Maritime Information Centre Col, Arief Meidyanto.

Chief of Bakamla RI said to The Task Force that the policy of Bakamla RI is to build an integrate maritime information center. This was evidenced by developing Bakamla Information System, called Bakamla Information Integrated System (BIIS) and Monitoring and Analyze System (MONALISA). “We have already sharing information simultaneously with Bakamla Stakeholders by providing username and password that use to accsess The Maritime Security Information System which is developed by Bakamla RI ”, said Chief of Bakamla RI when talking with Commander MSTF Singapore.

Commander MSTF Singapore expressed their admiration to Bakamla RI because of in Bakamla RI age which is quite young, Bakamla have already get big enough authority and placed directly under the President. In addition, Commander MSTF Singapore also believes that authority that Bakamla have is same
Commander MSTF Singapore expressed admiration to Bakamla RI that at the age is quite young, is already getting big enough authority and placed directly under the President. But Commander MSTF Singapore also believes that the competencies of Bakamla RI own is same with their responsibility.
At the end of the meeting, both of sides expressed their gratitude for his first visit to Bakamla. Hopefully, from this meeting MSTF Singapore and Bakamla can establish good cooperation in the future.