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Recapitulation Marine Incident February 28 until March 6, 2015
Fishermen of village Sumberagung Pesanggaran District of Banyuwangi attend the Socialization of safe
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Indonesia Coast Guard (Bakamla) RI implement program activities Coordination Forum (Forkor) Marine Security II in Legian Kuta Bali Hotel Atanaya, Thursday, April 16, 2015 with the theme "Socialization of Law No. 32 of 2014 on Marine and PERPRES No. 178 of 2014 concerning BAKAMLA (INDONESIA COUAST GUARD) ". Forkor activity was opened by the Acting KABAKAMLA which is represented by the Acting Deputy for Policy and Strategy BAKAMLA RI Brig. Drs Satria Maseo S.H, MM. The speakers who provide material are: 1. Dr. Wicipto Setiadi, SH, MH as Director General of Legislation Kemenkumham, 2. Mrs. Lidya Silvanna, SH.LLM as Assistant Deputy for Economy, 3. Inspector General of Police. (Ret) Drs. Demak Lubis, MM as BAKAMLA Working Group Inter-Institutional Relations, 4. Acting Deputy Opslat BAKAMLA represented by Colonel Maritime Atmu Edi, as Head of Communications and Logistics BAKAMLA with Maritime Moderator by Lt. Col. M. Ali SH, as Trustees of RCC KARANGASEM BALI.


This event was attended by the Provincial Government of Bali, Bali Police, Lanal Bali, Immigration, DGCE Bali, KSOP Benoa, Bali BIN, Dean Univ. Udayana, Bali HNSI Chairman, and Chairman of INSA Bali.

With the Law 32 2015 on marine herewith all the activities of security and safety at sea is the responsibility BAKAMLA with Kamla conducting joint patrols with stakeholders in order not to be overlapping

The results of this activity is that BAKAMLA forkor can coordinate with institutions - institutions associated with the sea on all supporting infrastructure Kamla Operations. Expected future will be a "One For All" to deal with law enforcement in the sea that will have an agency appointed by the President as the holder of the control system.

In carrying out law enforcement in the sea there is a very high risk, costs are very expensive, and much needed advanced technology and a commitment shared by the relevant agencies of law enforcement in the sea that can run optimally.


Source: RCC Bali